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Welcome to my Spam and PC Security web site!

Alas, MOST of this site is still under construction, as I have to re-write a lot of it. I can't believe it's been 7 years already! Listed below are ALL of the topics that will eventually appear on here. SOME are already live and updated!

Logo advising this website is undergoing construction and redevelopment

General Introduction


This is a report I wrote on spam, broken down into seperate pages for each subject heading. I recommend starting at "What is Spam?"

Introduction and Scope
What Is Spam?
Why Is Spam a Problem?
How Do Spammers Do Their Dirty Work? Coming Soon Logo
How Can I Report Spam?
Prevention is Better Than Cure
Fishing for Phishing
New Trends - SPIM, Pishing...Oh My!
Spam Legislation

PC Security


This is a report I wrote on computer security, broken down into seperate pages for each subject heading. I recommend starting at "Why Should I Secure My PC?"

Scope of this Section
Why Should I Secure my Computer?
Software Part One - A Firewall
Software Part Two - Anti-Virus
Software Part Three - Anti-Spyware
Software Part Four - Windows Update / Microsoft Update
Annendum - Windows XP
Good Security Practices

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