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Introduction and Scope.


First of all, thanks for visiting my website and thanks for the patience of those who have awaited the project being put onto the internet. It's difficult to believe that this report was written back in 2006, and it's taken 8 years to take it to this stage. Thanks again! The internet itself has changed so much since those days, and as such, parts of this report/project have been updated to reflect those changes.

For those looking for help in fighting back against spammers, I'm afraid you'll need to look elsewhere. This project is primarily focused upon understanding what makes them 'tick', and how they work; and to help avoid spam in the first place. Alas, having said that, completely avoiding spam these days is pretty much well next to impossible. Therefore, without sounding overly optimistic, reducing spam is the goal.

Reflecting upon the trends I wrote about in 2006, it's ironic that quite a few of them never turned out to be a problem or never came to pass in the first place. And yet, some of the trends of today and popular internet cyberculture are something I could not possibly fathom back in '06. As a result, the new trends in spam section has been completely re-written. Spam legislation too has proven to be a mixed bag, and will be the last section to be uploaded here. All references will now be shown inline, rather than at the bottom of each section.

Oh, and if you're searching for more information about me.. Good Luck! Wink

Without further ado, let's get started. On to What Is Spam. (Hint: See that green box on the upper right? That's a navigation aid).